The only genuine theosophy is one wherein participants contribute toward the upgrading of three creature world so that it more closely approximates   a world where no theodicy is necessary. The only genuine theodicy is one wherein one creates out of our “best of all possibility worlds" an even better world. 

The "true believer" requires no theosophy.  Faith alleviates the perceptive need of a means of asserting the evils of the world, otherwise "invisible" to the faithful -- perhaps necessarily so because the believer cannot point to clear examples and say., "There! There is what the Master Of The Universe is doing out that which is evil." as if to say "Master, You see how I devoid You? Yet You put these terrible burdens in my path." 

Levinas suggested (Page 181, "God And Transcendence, Collected Papers, Pa. Duquesne University Press,1987, 2013) suggested that every attempt at the theodicy is "a way of conceiving God as a reality of the world." A theodicy is an attempt to integrate The Master of The Universe in the world, to allow The God to feel free at home in the world. 

For if the intention of the theodicy was not thus, we would not be able to feel at home.