A Gathering of The Tribes

Meet Selear Duke & Acting Resume

Bio: I'm a model, actress, artist. I've had the chance to model on various fashion shows including Westchester Fashion Week, NY Fashionista, Society Fashion Week, various photoshoots. 

I've been honored to act in the award winning Street Theatre at The Theatre For The New City, Cyberbaby: the musical, Son of the Sun: musical, Dream Within a Dream and act in the Les Festival.

Twenty Class Tobacco Suits 1998 Interview with Anthony Murrell by John Farris & Steve Cannon

The interview with Anthony Murrell by John Farris & Steve Cannon is organized from left to right and it continues on the next row.

Part 3 & 4 of the interview (shown below).

Part 5 & 6 of the interview (shown below).

"Gentrification 4" by Susan Yung

Gentrification 4 - by Susan Yung.jpg

Gentrification 4” is one painting in a series about the eventual "deaths" of E. Village garden's by greedy developers Along with her paintings, Susan has spent some 25 years videoing & documenting A Gathering of the Tribes's artists and printing her own Asian American poems.