Fly By Night Publication “Spic Chic” Goes Into Second Print Run

“I think Spic Chic is strong stuff, right in the Nuyorican tradition. Poems and then stories back into poems that are often emotionally moving. A self exploration in a non-chronological history consistent in language and point of view, it is clearly a highly personalized work that is successful in the Nuyorican free-style genre and successful in the broader sense as well.” David Henderson, author, ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky: Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child

The Young Males of the Barrio

Poetry in Latin America, with its great capacity for transformation, moves in buds of great truths. That cosmology, besides consisting of word, rhythm, melody and verse, has been the conduit of deep historical realities. Themes like peace, war, injustice and terror expand throughout this universe, unfolding an accordion of everyday possibilities like condemnation, protest, indignation and rage.

Los Young Males en el barrio

La poesía en América Latina con su gran capacidad transformadora, se mueve en capullos de grandes verdades. Esa cosmología, que además de consistir de palabra, ritmo, melodía y verso, ha sido conductora de profundas realidades históricas. Temas como la paz, la guerra, la injusticia y el terror se expanden dentro de este universo dando cabida a un acordeón de posibilidades cotidianas tales como la denuncia, la protesta, la indignación y el coraje.