Never mind

Never mind    by: Steve Cannon and Phoebe Halkowich You never know what you miss until you miss it.

You’re not that kind of a person and neither am I.

You said when we met that we’ll never leave each other but that turned out to be a lie.

Here I am all alone and I have no idea what to do with myself.

Where was it?

Was it at the airport?

Subway?  Maternity ward?

I can’t remember and you’ve probably forgotten as well.

I do remember us going to see this great movie

and it was dinner afterwards.

Then you looked in my eyes and asked  “your place or mine?”.

And I didn’t know how to answer.

It seems as though our relationship lasted no longer than a minute, a moment, a blink of an eye.

Then you were gone.

Now you're all alone.

Things don’t have to be that way.

It don’t seem natural.

Its not that I wish you were here.

Its more like, I wish I was there.

You would’ve been better off if the two of us had never met

Or maybe it’s the other way around

Who knows?

And as the lawyer said to the judge, or was it the judge who said to the lawyer,

Case closed.